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Microsoft deprecates SNMP in Windows Server 2012


Like WTF Microsoft. SNMP is deprecated in Windows Server 2012. The same goes for other useful protocols like for instance SNMP or what about 32-bit ODBC database connections. There is a complete list published with removed features and roles found here.

Deprecated does not mean removed (yet), but this should be seriously taking into concern when you’re in the planning phase of updating your servers. And since Windows Server 2012 is quite the same as Windows 8 this can come as a surprise for you.

Manage Windows 2008 (R2) with Windows Server 2012


We just installed our new Windows Server 2012 RC and the first application opened by the OS is…Server Manager. Great! It’s time to see how does it works. Very quickly you’ve understand this new server manager will be the console to manage easily all your servers, and for the moment you have one 2012 server for many 2008 servers…so let’s go to add them!

On the Dashboard you have a button to add them. You can find your server in your Active Directory, you DNS or you can import them. Immediately you will have to face to this error message : “Online – Verify WinRM 3.0 service is installed, running, and required firewall ports are open”. A firewall isn’t the issue here since all servers are within the same network subnet.


The main reason is the server manager in Windows Server 2012 use Windows Management Framework 3.0. This version must be deploy on your Windows Server 2008R2. To do this :

After the reboot the server will be back online. Do a Windows Update to get the latest patches for the just installed .NET4 framework. After this (and the mandatory reboot), start PowerShell end type: winrm quickconfig. To test the result, go in your Server Manager on the Server 2012, open “all servers”, select the server 2008R2 SP1 where you’ve deploy WMF 3.0 and do a right-click to ask to open a PowerShell Session in remote. If it works well you have just to do a refresh and launch a BPA on the server and it will be green and ready to be managed from the new Server Manager.

If you have the error : “Online – cannot get performance counter data” you must install this hotfix KB2682011. You will have to reboot your server.

Windows Server 2008

For Windows Server 2008 (non R2) things are slight different. Install the .NET4 framework like mentioned before and run Windows Updates. Perform a new scan for updates. You’ll see a lot of .NET4 patches are available. Now, in the optional/recommended tab you’ll see WinRM 3 as available update. Install this one together with the .NET4 patches and drunk a cup of coffee. After reboot, start PowerShell (If you don’t see the icon just start a cmd-box and type powershell) and type winrm quickconfig. After this, the server should appear as Online within the Windows ServerManager 2012.
If you have the error : “Online – cannot get performance counter data” you must install this hotfix KB2682011. You will have to reboot your server.

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