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Install VMware VAAI support for Synology


In my home lab I’m using Mac Mini’s as ESXi-server and a Synology NAS for storage (besides the SSD’s in de Mac Mini’s itself). The more expensive Synology models support VAAI for VMware. VAAI stands for vStorage APIs for Array Integration and with this support you can offload particular tasks from ESXi to the storage.

To install VMware VAAI support for Synology:

  1. Download the required package
  2. Enable SSH support on the ESXi node
  3. Put the ESXi node into maintenance mode
  4. (Win)SCP transfer the vib to the ESXi hosts /tmp
  5. SSH to the ESXi node, and type in the command:

    esxcli software vib install -v /tmp/esx-nfsplugin.vib –no-sig-check

  6. Reboot the ESXi host

Congratulations. Your ESXi node now has VAAI support.

Synology DS713+ from the inside


Okay, don’t give IT-guys toys when they have screwdrivers. Tonight I found some time to open my brand new Synology DS713+. Me, and some guys out there where curious about the 1 Gbyte memory in this DiskStation. The real question was if the memory was expandable.

Well, taking a look at the PCB I noticed that the memory wasn’t soldered. So that’s a good sign. I guess it’s a regular DDR3 SO-DIMM module. The Atom CPU used on these mainboards should be able to support up to 4 Gbyte. So let’s order some memory this week to see if it will recognise upgraded memory.

Synology DS713+ from the inside: expandable memory

Opening the box is quite simple: if you know how. Start with the two screws at the bottom on the backside. In my case labelled AL1 and TQ3. Then, remove the screw between the back USB ports and the back eSATA port. After this, you should be able to lift the backside and then remove the metal cover connecting the front and the back.

Replacing the SODIMM module requires some more screwing since one of the frame pieces is on top of the module so you can’t remove this. I didn’t spend time on this yet since I don’t have any modules in stock. Will be done when the 4Gbyte DDR3 SODIMM is delivered.

And yes, my other question was answered to. The Synology DS713+ does support VMware VAAI for ESXi5.1 Hardware acceleration shows up as supported within vCenter. But I didn’t spend enough time to do comparisons when cloning a virtual machine, etc.

Update: SODIMM module Kingston KVR1333D3S9/4G works fine.

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 20.34.35Update 28 January:
As you can see, the DS713+ will have benefit from more memory. These are the graphs collected with Observium for the last month. The gap shows the Syno turned of to upgrade. As you can see, memory utilisation is higher than before.

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 12.07.44


Ordered a Synology DS713+


Okay, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the Netherlands. Neither do we have a Black Friday. So that wasn’t an excuse for me to buy a new Synology DS713+. But my old Synology DS211+ became quite slow. Slow enough for me to decide to offload SabNZBd, SickBeard and CouchPotato to my 27″ iMac. But I don’t like open ports on my workstation so time for a new Syno, which I’ve ordered today with my friends at since they provide excellent service!

The new Syno will run a 240 GB  SSD and a 2 TB 7200 RPM harddisk, both with SATA3 interface. I hope the 2,5″ SSD will fit in the Syno without any brackets. And yes, I did choose not to use RAID in the current configuration. First let’s do some tests with HDD compared to SSD. Expansion can be done later on (Hello Christmas!) with the Synology DX513 expansion unit. Among the speed I’m very curios about the VMware VAAI support and the memory slot being used.

The Synology website does mention VMware VAAI support fot the DS713+. A bit strange since only the XS-serie NAS does provide this support. Let’s see when it’s in. The other interesting part is the memory slot. Does the DS713+ have 1 Gbyte soldered DDR3 memory or does it come in a normal memory slot. If the last one is the case it should be quite easy to replace the module with a larger one up to 4 Gbyte since the Intel Atom D2700 should support this.

Hope the packages will be delivered to the office tomorrow and I find some time to test drive.

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