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RHEL 7.4 released


Yesterday Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7.4. Amongst others, these are important changes:

  • Docker overlay graph driver with SELinux in enforcing mode is now supported;
  • OpenSSL update (1.0.2k) brings support for ALPN & native HTTP/2;
  • System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) in a container is now fully supported;
  • Identity Management (IdM) server container is available as a Technology Preview;
  • OpenLDAP & Btrfs are deprecated and will be removed in future RHEL major versions.

CentOS builds will be available soon. Time to test and migrate the CentOS 6 DirectAdmin servers to EL7.4 since HTTP/2 is now natively supported in OpenSSL.

Update: CentOS blog about CentOS 7.4.

RHEL 7.3 released


Last week, Red Hat released version 7.3 of her Enterprise Linux. CentOS builds will follow soon. There are a number of features introduced as Technology Preview. The complete release notes can be found on the Red Hat website.


  • The SELinux userspace has been rebased and provides various enhancements and performance improvements. Notably, the new SELinux module store supports priorities, and the SELinux Common Intermediate Language (CIL) has been introduced.
  • OpenSCAP workbench now provides a new SCAP Security Guide integration dialog and enables modification of SCAP policies using a graphical tool.
  • The OpenSCAP suite now includes support for scanning containers using the atomic scan command.
  • Upgraded firewalld starts and restarts significantly faster due to a new transaction model. It also provides improved management of connections, interfaces, and sources, a new default logging option, and ipset support.
  • The audit daemon introduces a new flush technique, which significantly improves performance. Audit policy, configuration, and logging have been enhanced and now support a number of new options.
  • Media Access Control Security (MACsec) encryption over Ethernet is now supported.


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