I’m busy with the first CentOS 8 web server. Since I use DirectAdmin to make my live easier when it comes to hosting some websites the supplier of this web-based admin interface still has the Alpha-tag on the software. The main reason to be ready for CentOS 8 obviously is support for TLS1.3, which is a requirement for upcoming features like QUIC and http/3 support in the near future, making websites faster.

With the switch to CentOS 8 I’m also test-driving LiteSpeed as web server replacement for Nginx which is currently the frond-end used for Apache. And Apache is still needed for .htaccess and mod_rewrite support. I hope LiteSpeed (OpenLiteSpeed in this case) can replace both Apache and Nginx as a web server.

With these upgrade I’m also enabling DNSSEC extensions for the main domains used by the server, DNS and mail. The domain aklmedia.nl is already signed and IPv6 is enabled again. Due to some problems with my home provider I had to temporarily disable support in order to be able to access my own servers.