It’s been a while since my last post here on this blog. Almost a year. Time to write something about the HomeWizard P1 wifi dongle to get readings from your utility meter. This €30 cost dongle is provided with an phone app to have insights in your electricity and gas consumption. This is a free feature but the cool thing is that the dongle is equipped with a local API accessible via http. Yes! This is a BIG advantage. Tough the unit is very cheap if the cloud service ever stops I’m still be able to use it via the local API.

Reading the API is done via HTTP. The output returned is in simple JSON. I have created a Zabbix template to do the readings via a http-call, strip out the JSON values every minute, store them for 90 days and plot these into a graph to visualise it. The Zabbix template can be found on my GitHub repository.