Yesterday, Red Hat released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1. This update brings live Kernel patching to RHEL 8 (and RHEL 7.7). This will bring updates to a running system without needing to reboot it to load the new kernel. Red Hat will bring live patches to Kernels not older than one year.

Other enhancements can be found in Containers. It’s now possible to create custom SELinux rules for containers. A feature I’m very excited about is the option to run containers rootless. Containers running in user space are less vulnerable and need less privileges.

Other enhancements are:

  • Chrony is rebased to version 4.5
  • Tuned has been rebased to version 2.12
  • PHP 7.3, Ruby 2.6 Node.js 12 and Nginx 1.16 are available via AppStream
  • A command-line utility called healthcheck is available for IDM servers.

The complete release notes can be found here.