While Red Hat released RHEL 8.1 beta last month, the guys at the CentOS project finished building the packages and done the Q&A. It’s now time to release CentOS 8. I guess the ISO’s are available end of this month as well as the repositories.

If you can’t wait for CentOS 8 and need to start your RHCSA or RHCE study and have a home-lab, I’d suggest to create a free Red Hat Developer account. This gives you access to 1 Metal or a 12 VM license.

Update 14-sep: The CentOS team will focus on building the 7.7 packages first due to the larger customer base. After that, they will release CentOS 8.0.
Update 18-sep: CentOS 7.7 seems available. The CentOS website displays 24-sep as release date for CentOS 8.0.