While I’m still waiting for the CentOS 8 build, Red Hat released Enterprise Linux 7.7 this week as beta version. So far, the most important change is support for Python 3. Other changes include:

  • The Samba package is rebased to version 4.9.1
  • SSSD now fully supports sudo rules stored in AD
  • The gcc-libraries are rebased to version 8.3.1
  • Spectre V2 mitigation changed from IBRS to Retpoline
  • The bind package is rebased to version 9.11
  • NetworkManager now supports VLAN filtering on bridge interfaces
  • NetworkManager now supports configuring policy routing rules
  • The nss packages are updated for Firefox 60 ESR
  • SCAP Security Guide supports Universal Base Image
  • The chrony package is rebased to version 3.4
  • The tuned package is rebased to version 2.11
  • The web console (cockpit) is rebased to version 191
  • The firewalld package is rebased to version 0.6.3

These services are now available in Technology Preview:

  • Containerized Identity Management server
  • Setting up IdM as a hidden replica
  • DNSSEC (finally!)
  • Use of AD and LDAP sudo providers
  • Wayland desktop
  • pNFS block layouts
  • kexec to update running kernels
  • YUM4, since Python 3 is now supported
  • USB 3.0 support for KVM guests

The complete release notes can be found here on the Red Hat website.