Red Hat released the beta version of its 7.4 Enterprise Linux. Amongst others, new features are:

  • Ansible is included in the extra reporitory from not. Please not that these packages are FIPS140 compliant. Previous installed packaged need to be removed first.
  • ⁠Identity Management now supports FIPS. With this enhancement, Identity Management (IdM) supports the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS). This enables you to run IdM in environments that must meet the FIPS criteria. To run IdM with FIPS mode enabled, you must set up all servers in the IdM environment using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 with FIPS mode enabled.
  • Beter Active Directory support now let’s users login to the WebUI of an IPA server. Previously only kinit was supported.
  • usbguard is now included. You can whitelist and blacklist USB-devices to achieve better security.
  • ⁠openssh rebased to version 7.4, which provides a number of enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. This includes support for the resumption of interrupted uploads in SFTP and a new fingerprint type that uses the SHA-256 algorithm.
  • Standards Compliance. OpenSCAP scanner NIST certified, DISA STIG profile included
  • Support added in LVM for RAID level takeover now provides full support for RAID takeover, previously available as a Technology Preview, which allows users to convert a RAID logical volume from one RAID level to another. LVM also now provides support for RAID reshaping, which allows users to reshape properties such as the RAID algorithm, stripe size, or number of images.

The complete list of changes can be fount on the Red Hat website. Finally, according to this post, OpenSSL should be upgraded to 1.0.2k in RHEL 7.4.