Last weeks I’ve built a new VMware vSphere 5.1 cluster based on diskless Dell M710HD blades. When creating a host-profile to push configurations to all members (servers) of the cluster to keep consistency I’ve noticed two out of 16 blades did not comply with the created profile, showing these error messages:

  • Host state doesn’t match specification: device mpx.vmhbaXX parameters need to be reset
  • Host state doesn’t match specification: device mpx.vmhbaXX Path Selection Policy needs to be set to default for claiming SATP

Googling around brought me to VMware KB2002488 but unfortunately this didn’t solve the compliance issue either. Debugging further and comparing a compliant and non-compliant server brought me to the Dell iDRAC-interface. The non-compliant server had the virtual media drive (forced) attached. To solve this issue, log in via iDRAC, select the Virtual Console/Media tab, sub Configuration and choose Auto-attach in the Virtual Media drop down menu. Now rescan the host profile and your server should be compliant.

iDRAC virtual media causes problems with VMware host profiles compliance

iDRAC virtual media causes problems with host profiles compliance