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Getting ready for RHCSA and RHCE


rhce_logoI’m busy with the training and certification for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. Many things changed in the new release of Red Hat Linux. IPtables is replaced by Firewalld, UPstart is replaced by systemd and the ext4 file-system by xfs. The problem: good documentation isn’t available in books. However, online there are tons of documentation. One of my favorites:

This website doesn’t only include documentation but also daily lab-exercises that are mandatory to pass the RHCSA or RHCE exams since these are hands on instead of multiple choice questions. Sorry braindump fellows out there. These will not help you. Hands on experience is mandatory in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. Without this, you won’t pass the exams.

My RHCSA exam is planned for August. RHCE will follow later. There were no options to take the exam earlier in the Netherlands due to the holiday season.

Update: another website to help you:
Update: Passed RHCSA on 12/aug/2016. Next: RHCE (but time…).

Free e-Training (and exam): Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer


Brocade-BCVREAbout 2,5 years ago, Brocade acquired Vyatta, providing a software-based virtual router, virtual firewall and VPN products for Internet Protocol networks (IPv4 and IPv6). Brocade now let’s you become a Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer for free, by taking web-based training, gaining hands-on experience on a Vyatta appliance (in VMware, KVM, Virtualbox, whatever you like) and gives you a free in-person test at one of Person VUE’s testing centers.

I started with the course today. The full length of the training video’s is about 5 hours. I took the first hour or so. In terms of content I notice it’s not about protocols like BGP or OSFP itself, but about setting up and configuring the router (and protocols) via the Command Line Interface (CLI). Therefor I’d suggest everyone who’s not afraid for a CLI and doesn’t have in depth-knowledge of protocols to take the training and course.

It will cost you about a full day and gives you a free certification. If you don’t have any network certifications yet, this might be a nice first step to widen – and prove – your knowledge.

Information about the contents of the training can be found on this website. Get started with the training and certification on this website: Don’t forget to have a look at the free PDF: BCVRE in a Nutshell Study Guide for Exam 170-010. Good luck!

VMware Certified Associate


I haven’t update my VCP since version 3.5 Last week I noticed you could take the VMware Certified Associate exam for free with online delivery. Without learning I passed. Guess after building all the clusters, including updates to v5.5, the knowledge level is still okay.


VSP5 binnen. Nu vSphere 5 nog


[X] VSP5
[  ] VSTP5
[  ] VCP5

Nog iets van Microsoft


Sales Specialist. #omdathetkan

IPv6 certified


Was ik zomaar vergeten dat ik nog een Hurricane Electric account had. Iedereen die iets met networking of IPv6 doet moet dit eigenlijk doen. Het is niet erg complex. Zet IPv6-ready nameservers op, zorg voor een goede Reverse DNS op je IPv6 mailserver en zorg dat je website via IPv6 beschikbaar is. Beantwoord daarna nog wat theoretische vragen over IPv6 en je behaald snel een score van boven de 1000 punten.

De maximaal te behalen score is 1500 punten. Voor ik deze heb gaat het nog even duren. Je moet dagelijks wat copy/pasta werk doen met de resultaten van een traceroute over IPv6, etc. Anyway: aanmelden HIER. Wie wordt mijn volgende collega die over de 1000 punten heen gaat?

Another certificate: VMware Technical Sales Professional


Since I’ve already done VSP (Sales Professional) 3.5, done the Virtual  Infrastructure specification and updated my VSP to version 4.0, it was time for me to train for VMware Technical Sales Professional (VTSP). Another exam (5 actualy) and another certificate is here.


Enough VMware for now. Next training will be ehm… Citrix CCA for Xenserver?


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